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  1. Eric Tomlin Says:

    Hi Jeff. Ive seen this photo before, and I have actually been able to do this myself but I only tried it once on a seperate monitor that my other displays are on. How do we get PMRJ to remember the position when we start up multiple instances? Is it automatic or is there a way to save as an ini possibly?

  2. alaxus Says:

    PRMJ has a funny way of remembering where the window were. Basically you need 2 instances of PRMJ running. Then you need to restore the window from maximised. This will reset the title bar to the top left corner of the screen, then just drag it to size.
    I have noticed a few things though, sometimes the adjustments to the instruments can only be made in maximised mode.
    What you then do is close the windows and then it remembers the positions.

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